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As the famous American trumpeter & vocalist and one of the most influential figures in Jazz, Louis Armstrong has remarkably said “Music is life itself” and we all can somewhere connect to that.

Music is truly something that makes life more vibrant and boisterous, it instantly uplifts your mood and takes you into its own world where you forgot all your woes and agonies. In every moment of life, you will find it around the corner.

We should indeed extend our gratitude to musicians who have made songs for every phase of life with whom we can resonate our life ongoing.


Downloading songs has become more and more facile with the passage of time, many websites offer free services to download Mp3 songs and amongst them, a name which is quite renowned is “Tubidy”.

We believe you may have heard this name before and if not, let’s introduce you to one of the best platforms to download Mp3 songs.

Tubidy: Introduction 

Tubidy is a free music streaming and download platform from where users can stream and download their song in both Mp4 and MP3 format easily without any subscription or sign up.

Users can not only download and share songs but also create playlists and share it with their friends. Not only this, users can upload videos too and the interesting part is that Tubidy shares revenue with publishers. This simply means you can earn some good fortune after every upload.

By clicking top videos and top searches, users can view trending videos and searches done by the people across the globe.

All of these become so effortless and seamless with the help of its intuitive and easy to access interface.

Tubidy is possessed with way more features and virtues which we will look into in the next section titled “Tubidy Offerings”.

Tubidy Offerings

  • Tubidy upholds a decent collection of video songs which you effortlessly download in Mp4 and Mp3 format without any hurdles.
  • Tubidy doesn’t ask for any type of sign up or subscription which means you can play and download your desired song without spending a single penny.
  • Tubidy offers a very simple and easy to use interface which makes downloading Mp4 video and Mp3 files more convenient and hassle-free.
  • You can easily search for your Tubidy mp3 songs merely by entering the keyword in the search bar section.
  •  The Top videos option will display the list of songs that are hitting the charts.
  • With its “Top Searches’ option, you will come across the most popular songs that have been searched by visitors and by switching search mode to global, you will get the sight of top global searches.
  • You can review your recently viewed video by heading to the “My recently Viewed” section as well as simply clear search history by clicking on “clear  recently viewed video”.
  • One of the most alluring features of Tubidy  that catches the sight of many people is that Tubidy shares revenue with publishers. With every upload, you get the opportunity to earn a fortune.
  • With the help of the “My Stats” option, you will be able to track down your video performance, views and other important details.

Benefits of Opting a Tubidy Account 

As we have stated above that you don’t need to possess a Tubidy account, irrespective of it you can effortlessly play and download Mp4 and Mp3 songs.

However, it doesn’t mean that it is worth nothing, there are multiple benefits of opting a Tubidy account in this particular section we are going to address this.

So, let’s check out what are the advantages of having a Tubidy account.

  • After signing up for a Tubidy account, you can create a playlist and add your favourite Tubidy mp3 songs in it and share with your friends.
  • With your Tubidy account, you enable the option to upload a video.
  • You can also check your account’s stats if you have signed up for the account.

These are some prominent benefits of opting for a Tubidy account. Now that you are acquainted with the pros of having a Tubidy account, let’s head to the next section titled Procedure to opt for a Tubidy account.

Procedure to Opt for a Tubidy Account 

Procedure to opt for a Tubidy account is a child’s play. You in no time can sign up for a Tubidy account. Just simply go through the below steps, and you are able to opt for a Tubidy account.

  • In order to opt for a Tubidy account, first open up your desired browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) and head to the “Tubidy official website”.
Tubidy Homepage
  • Once you have landed on the respective website, click on “My Account” which you will notice in the top right corner and next, hit on the “Login”.
  • Now, to sign up for a Tubidy account, you have to create a username and password and provide mere information such as your gender and age.
Sign Up to Tubidy
  • Next all you have to do is fill the validation code and hit on the “Sign-up” button.
Sign Up
  • Lastly, it will redirect you to the next page where you have to accept the terms of use, that’s it.
Terms of use

Now that you have successfully learned how to opt for a Tubidy account, it’s time to check out how you can perform Tubidy login.

How to Perform Tubidy Login?

Similar to Signing up, logging into your Tubidy account is a cakewalk, all you require is your Tubidy account credentials which are nothing but your username and password that you have created while signing up.

Note: Ensure that you are connected to a stable internet connection to avert any kind of error in the Tubidy login process.

Steps to Perform Tubidy Login

  • Initiate with launching your desired browser and redirect to the “Tubidy homepage”.
Tubidy Homepage
  • Akin to the sign-up procedure, click on the “My account” and from the drop-down menu select the first option titled “login”.
  • Now, it will send you to the next page where you come across Log in to Tubidy where you have to fill out your “username and password” in the given field.
Log in to Tubidy
  • Finally, after the inputting the respective information, hit on the “Login

Tubidy.com Mp3 songs Download Free

Downloading Mp3 songs from Tubidy.com is way easy. For your convenience and ease, we have cited the steps to download Mp3 songs from Tubidy. By following these respective steps in order you can easily download your desired songs as well as the latest songs.

Steps to Download Mp3 Songs From Tubidy.com

  • To play or download Mp3 songs on Tubidy, start with riding towards the “Tubidy website” and simply search the song you are looking for.

Note:- You can also choose and download songs from the homepage or check out the top video and top searches section.

Tubidy Homepage
  • After choosing the song, double-click on it, and it will redirect you to the next page, where you will come across all the formats in which you can download your desired song.
  • Now, select the format in which you wish to download the song and next you will see the option to play and download the song.

How to Create Your Playlist on Tubidy?

Want to create your own personalised playlist on Tubidy  and share with your friends, here are the mere steps that will aid you in creating a playlist on Tubidy.

  • To create a playlist on Tubidy, move to theTubidy official website as the ritual goes and click on the “My Account
  • After that from the drop-down menu, select the “My playlists” option, and it will redirect to the next page where you have to log into your Tubidy account.
  • Once you have logged in your Tubidy account, on the next page your playlist will appear and if you have not created a playlist yet, hit on “Click here to create a playlist”.
  • Next, give a name to your playlist as per your desire and click on the Add button and your playlist will be created, which you will be able to see in the “My Playlists” section.

Note: You can also make your Tubidy mp3 playlist private by marking the Make Private box while creating a playlist.

How to Upload Video on Tubidy?

After going through Tubidy offerings, you have gained the knowledge that Tubidy.mobi shares revenue with publishers. That simply illustrates that if you upload  videos on Tubidy and get views, you can earn money.

So, here are the simple steps that can take assistance in order to upload a video on Tubidy and help you earn a fortune.

Steps to Upload Video on Tubidy

  • To upload video on Tubidy, the first thing you have to do is login your Tubidy account using your Tubidy credentials.
Log in to Tubidy
  • Now that you have logged in your Tubidy account, click on “My Account” and after that you have selected the “Upload” option.
  • After clicking on the Upload option, you will land on the next page where the main uploading begins.
  • Now, you have to input a few details which are mandatory for uploading a video which includes video title, video description, video file which you can choose from your device’s storage, that’s it.
upload a videos

Note:- Make sure the video file you are proceeding with is in MP4, AVI, MOV or FLV format, unless you will encounter an error.

  • After inputting required details, fill out the validation code and hit on the upload button.
Terms of use

Now that you have uploaded videos on Tubidy, what’s next? The very next that may pop up in your mind is how you can track your video, view it, revenue generated from it  and other significant details?

The answer to your query is “Tubidy Account Stats” and in the next section, we will look at how you can check your Tubidy account stats.

How to Check Tubidy Account Stats?

All the details corresponding to your publication will be displayed on Tubidy’s My Stats section and checking your Tubidy account stats is very easy thanks to Tubidy’s easy to access interface. Although, we still have enlisted the steps to check your Tubidy account stats below which you can follow in order to check out your Tubidy account stats.

Steps to Check Tubidy Account Stats

Here are the mere steps that will assist you in checking out Tubidy account stats.

  •  To check your Tubidy account stats, initiate with double-clicking and opening your preferred browser and step towards Tubidy website.
Tubidy Homepage
  • Now, click on “My Account” which you can see on top right, next from the drop down-menu, you have to select “My Stats”.
my status
  • After clicking on “My Stats”, it will redirect to the next page where you will be able to see and manage your published videos easily.

And, that’s how you can check your Tubidy account stats. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ANS: No, Tubidy does not ask for any sort of Sign up or registration in order to download Mps3 songs. You can easily download your desired song in Mp4 and Mp3 format.

However, there are several benefits of having a Tubidy account such as you can create a playlist, publish videos and much more.

ANS: As per the information available on the Tubidy website, only most viewed videos have these respective formats as well as encoding MP4 Video/Audio (especially with H264/HEv2-AAC codecs) is not a piece of cake.

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